Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Introducing the Oliviabolivia Mei Tai!

One of a kind originals coming soon to my Hyena Cart!

At this time, I do not plan to offer customs or take orders. I may on a rare occasion offer a custom slot, but this will not happen on a regular basis. With four kids, including one-year-old twins, I just can't handle the added pressure of taking orders or sewing customs. I love sewing mei tais and I really want to be able to keep it that way. :) I hope to stock at least once a week, or three or four times per month. All mei tais will be one-of-a-kind, with applique of some kind. I use a variety of fabrics to construct each carrier, and it's not uncommon to see several decorative stitches in various colors of thread on each one. While each carrier is different in its appearance, all Oliviabolivia Mei Tais are similar in that they are constructed using high-quality materials so that you can wear your baby comfortably, and most importantly, safely.

Straps are sturdy 100% cotton canvas or twill. Canvas and twill are some of the strongest, most durable materials available and they offer superior support and safety due to their close weave. Straps on Oliviabolivia Mei Tais will come in a variety of colors, some even hand-dyed. All straps are attached to an inner layer of canvas and are reinforced with hidden X-box construction. Shoulder straps are lightly padded, approximately 4.25" wide and 80" long. Waist strap is also padded and around 80" long. Mei Tais are backed with a variety of fabrics. Some will have minky, cord, silk, canvas, or print cotton fabric. Some Oliviabolivia Mei Tais are reversible, however hood loops are only sewn on the main panel side. All will feature generously-sized sleeping hoods. Body dimensions are approximately 17" wide and 20.5" tall (including waist strap).

Each Oliviabolivia Mei Tai will include the signature applique of hearts, flowers, or another decorative feature on the end of one shoulder strap. This fun addition shows in the back in a front carry and the front in a back carry. It is featured best when the straps are tied Tibetan.

I do not charge extra for hoods, reversible, silk, minky, or applique. Starting price is $145. Some Oliviabolivia Mei Tais may be more than this due to fabrics and techniques used.

If you have any questions about Oliviabolivia Mei Tais, please e-mail me at

Charlotte, $150 SOLD
Chocolate brown baby cord, cotton print fabric, heart appliques and silk accent on hood. Reverses to chocolate cord. Straps are cherry red canvas.

Sonia, $155 SOLD
Cotton print fabric and heart appliques. Body and hood reverse to brown floral fabric. Straps are chocolate brown canvas.

Roxane, $145 SOLD
Chocolate brown baby cord, cotton print fabric, heart appliques and accent on hood. Reverses to chocolate canvas. Hood reverses to heart print fabric. Straps are chocolate brown canvas.

Ellie, $145 SOLD
Fun floral print in grey, rose pink, eggplant and periwinkle, flower appliques on strap and hood. Reverses to super soft lilac baby cord. Hood reverses to floral fabric. Straps are hand-dyed deep eggplant brushed twill.

Miranda, $155 SOLD
Pink, aqua and yellow floral print on aqua baby cord. Butterfly appliques on hood and shoulder strap. Hood reverses to floral print. Body reverses to aqua baby cord. Straps are cherry red canvas.

Sophie, $155 SOLD
Three fun purple fabrics make up this carrier. Strips are layered on the lavender baby cord body using decorative stitches. Reverse is lavender baby cord. Hood features flower applique and reverses to floral fabric. Heart appliques on shoulder strap. Straps are hand-dyed violet.